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Buttoneyes Photography is a brand that captures the best journey of life ' Parenthood' .we understand the feeling of a mother when she carries a life in her. We make those moments live in our pictures. Childhood is the best present god has given to mankind and we capture each emotion, expression and moments of this journey. Our effort is that by seeing our pictures 20 years down the line the family can re-live that moment and it reflects the exact emotion at that time. Its said that time can not be stopped and so is the growth in life but this journey of growing up , learning ,can be saved forever with us ".

The first time i held my child With emotions my heart got piled Time should stop here i pray The moment of love forever should stay All the happiness i will give to you I will grow again with you Your first smile and you getting that brave Every moment i would like to save The growth and the learning each year I will capture everything my dear So when you turn my age You carry your childhood in its every page And seeing you live those moments again I will smile that my prayer is not in vein And when we will look beyond Will see getting stronger our bond And with all these things compiled I will re-live the first time i held my child.


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